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It will cost to play..

There will be no good "low cost" solutions for clutches that are expected to support significant amounts of torque, be durable, last and .....

Over the years of tinkering with aftemarket stuff and speaking to many others who have done the same, anything that actually works as expected and is durable/reliable = expensive.

For a proven aftermarket part to be easily available, there must be enough market demand and sales and an individual or group willing to invest in it's development and production. Otherwise, it is roll your own with the help of specialty companies that are in business to support this.

Some years ago a guy friend who wrenches in Italian exotics replaced/upgraded a clutch in a Lambo Diablo, the parts cost was $8,000 USD in the late 1990's.. The cost of a race clutch from AP racing can cost a few thousand but they work and they have abrupt engagement and are not designed for much slip. large diameter clutches used in things like a Viper V10 are basically truck clutches that are heavy with lots of inertia. This limits the rate of engine RPM change, but the cost is much lower than a true race clutch... may not fit due to size and numerous other factors.

It is all very much a trade off.


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Thank you for the suggestion; however, I want something that is already readily available... I do not really have the funds for a thousand dollar plus clutch setup right now...
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