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Originally Posted by Rupunzell View Post
Suggest contacting one of the race car suppliers like:

Tilton Engineering
Products | Tilton Engineering - Innovative, High-Quality Racing Products

AP racing:
Home - AP Racing

Taylor Racing:
Hewland Gearbox | Jerico Transmissions | Quaife Transmission | Tilton Clutch | Racing Driveline

to see if they have anything that is "streetable". Most race clutches for big race engines are small, light weight, multi-disc, and pretty durable. These clutches are likely going to require a custom flywheel and more. There will be some engineering and fab works to make them go.

I'm not a big fan of most aftermarket parts as they are more often than not of sub-standard quality and can-O-worms problems.. This is not to say there are not good high quality aftermarket parts, it is very much a buyer be aware market place.

Friend with a turbo VW, greanaded a "up-rated" SPEC clutch in less than three months. Not a happy camper.

I got a Kevlar clutch disc for the B234L in the 9000 not too long ago and it has worked out nicely. This clutch disc started out as a new stock OEM disc. The organic linings were removed and kevlar lining installed. Pressure plate surface was modified to work with this Kevlar friction material. Work was do by Robin at Superior Friction. They can customize and make up most special clutches for a given application and etc..
Superior Clutch


Thank you for the suggestion; however, I want something that is already readily available... I do not really have the funds for a thousand dollar plus clutch setup right now...
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