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Depends on how DIY you are and goals. You should be able to get one coil new or used, and get/rent the tools from Autozone or Advanced Auto to do a coil. I also would check the strut and see if it isn't damaged also.

Plan B is that this a great opportunity to upgrade front suspension. Depends on your budget.

Not sure that loose wheel is the cause, did the wheel come off or wobble badly?

Originally Posted by saabdan View Post
Apparently my front driver-side coil spring is broken on my 1999 Saab 9-5.

I have two main questions:
1.) Could this have been caused by the fact that my IDIOT mechanic didn't tighten the lugnuts on my tire and let me drive off? I seem to recall hearing a pop before I realized the tire was loose, and only thereafter tightened the tire up (lugs were handtightened) and realized it was still making noise when turning.

Basically, the sounds which lead me to take the car in began occurring after the point at which they let me drive off with hand-tightened lugnuts... and it just so happens the coil broke right where said tire was hand-tightened.

2.) Whats my best course of action? Do I buy just one new coil spring? A pair? Do I buy a mount to go with it? Do I look for used?
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