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LPT Vs Aero

So I have my clutch out and I'm trying to identify it so I know what its specs are but its proving virtually impossible

(pressure plate is sachs m240/m228 x)
(clutch disc is sachs 1878031331)

i can find them for sale but nowhere can i find any actual specs on what their abilities are.

anyways -

I'm looking at performance clutches and from what i'm seeing... they have it broken down between linear and aero...

on site a stage 3 clutch kit for a LINEAR is marked at like 700+$

on site a stage 3 clutch kit for an AERO is marked at like 500+$ ????

if the aero would have more power why the flippin hell is it cheaper than the Linear and why are there even 2 options when its supposed to be the same exact engine but with a different turbo??
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