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Stick a jack in middle jackpoint between the wheels and get both tires off the ground and give it gas and let it off like you normally do when this happens..."Feel" and listen for any strangeness.... If you don't notice anything strange than the issue is likely suspension related.. With the wheels off after and still in the air move the rotors side to side and look for any play in any point everything should be firm

Use a mallet if needed to bang on any bushings/joints hands may not be strong enough... There is 3k lbs of steel pushing and pulling on them on the rd

As far as the clutch goes if you know its been a significant amt of miles since its been serviced its likely the flywheel needs machining.. If the suspension checks out the clutch is the most likely culprit since you already replaced motor mounts.. I'm just assuming it only happens while the clutch is engaged... Have you noticed anythingif push the clutch in and tap the brake? If it was suspension there should be some shudder when not in gear when you tap the brakes gently though probably not as noticeable while in gear as the wheels wouldn't be tugging at the suspension while decellerating

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