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low boost with new high flow air filter

I dropped a new kn open air intake in my 03 95 aero, 107k miles, about a week ago. Counterintuitively, the turbo doesn't take you and throw you down the road and takes more time to run the boost needle up. It ran BETTER with a dirty paper filter in the air box.

My thoughts:
Bad lambda sensor so the mix isn't being adjusted- no codes though.

As we all know those motors run HOT so maybe sucking in hot air in the engine bay is hindering the performance vs the intake tube on the stock box.

All the jubilee clips are tight and the thing sounds great but the performance is just underwhelming.

Running premium through it as well.

Have done one of the bolt mods where you bypass that plastic check valve hidden in the back of bay and run the extra boost back into the throttle body

Any ideas are welcome!

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