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no start after wash

hey guys I have a 2000 9-3 se with a 2.0 turbo, 90,000 miles ran fine until I had the porters at work clean the car up (yes under hood as well) I know anything can happen but these guys clean our dealership cars all day/every day so this was nothing out of the ordinary for them..... well they could not get the car to re-start fuel pressure good 40+ psi I swapped the DI with my 9-5 aero close inspection of all connectors no signs of any water and no codes...i'm going to let the car sit over night to "dry" out....any other ideas? thanks for the help guys ......forgot to mention all fuses good, pulled the plugs yes old but the car was running fine a 1/2 hour prior nothing out of the ordinary as far as raw fuel did get a slight smell out of the tail pipe....not sure what else to check
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