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Originally Posted by WSW View Post
Can't beat the price.. Any plans for her?
meh, little things here and there. Mostly getting cosmetics sorted the best I can. For now, just driving it (recently partnered my company with a friend's and my "side" business has me driving WAY too much for the truck, so this is perfect).

I'm sure I'll do the wheels like my silver 5D, and start doing the typical viggen corrections as I go. Probably won't be lowering this one as I DO plan on winter driving it (unless theres a ton of snow then the truck and jeep can play). I am trying to coerce a buddy to give me a 3" DP that came on a car he bought though; then fab my own 3" back - the quietest I can get it unfortunately (can't be pulling up to yachts to survey making a ruckus). I'll probably do T5 cams like the silver one too. But for the most part, keep it dependable and efficient; it's not my toy like the other one, I've got other things for that purpose.

Already VERY happy with it though.......even though I'm a 9-5 guy...hahaha. We'll see if this remains practical for me (all I carry is a filebox and backpack lol); hope no one goes offering me a 9-5 Aero wagon trade in the near future because I'm liking it too much!
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