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Replacing LPT rear brakes with an aero set-up

So I finally needed rear rotors, 148K later so I decided to upgrade the 2000 LPT rears to the Aero Spec, Always wnted to do that since the BBK kit up front dwarfed the tiny LPE rear brakes.

I was able to find rear Aero calipers rebuilt with the brackets ( they used to be impossbile to find but I guess more have made it into circulation). Got them for 65 Bucks each and used a coupon at Advance so total cost was 52 bucks. I was also able to use an old set as the core and got 35 bucks for them.

Here are some pics...

Hers's how the tiny LPT set looked in the wheel..

Difference is noticable

Install was way easy. I used the LPT dust shield, just bent and hammered the edges out of the way, fits good.

Finished. Took about 1 hour per wheel. decent upgrade and cheap ( I did not go slotted for the rears, did not seem like it was worth the money, I got cheapo Centric Rock Auto rotors for 24 bucks a peice...)

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