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Originally Posted by DC_SAAB
Cool setup..., and you actually have those larger injectors installed too?....nice.
Yep, they've been in since ~January.

Originally Posted by DC_SAAB
Any chance your CEL comes on for running a little rich, or having your O2 mounted too close to the initial exhaust out the turbo.
Nope, I've had that exhaust on the car for three years, never had a problem with the location of the O2 sensor on any of the ECU's I've tried. I've had alot, all but this one were returned for other reasons. I used the stock ECU until I changed the injectors and FPR, then I needed the custom ECU.

I've seen a rich CEL a few times over the last few months, but I'm not too concerned. It's probably due to the perceived boost leak.

The CEL bounces back and forth on the evap. system. Sometimes it's the canister sometimes the purge valve. Totally not related to engine strength, in fact, the car won't limit power b/c of evap system problems. I think I'm loosing power with a boost leak between the TBTC and block. Don't ask how just yet, it has to do with the intake manifold mods, Qin=Qout, the engine only wants so much air....... I'll get to the bottom of it. Thanks for your concern, I'm all ears for possible resolutions to my woes.
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