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Hi Larry,
This was today that I stumbled into the Newton LLC's T5 conversion kit. It sounds so much more easy than doing all the quirky conversion steps incl. reprogramming the ecu... It sounds a mystery to me though how only plugging in a gizmo makes everything work like a charm?? Without modifying the frequencies in the ECU map etc etc.
So could you please let me know if it did work the above way to you - just Plug and (let the T7 valve) Play? So does it work just as expected? I'm eager to hear your experience.
Thanks a lot

PS. I am new here and just installed the Maptun Stg.1 ECU plus made a few upgrades to my LPT T5 engine. But the reputedly crap brand new Scantech T5 APC gives weird noises and everyone tells, noise or not, it's expected to stop working soon anyway. The best price i could get on a genuine T5 APC is 253 EUR (I'm from overseas). Therefore I'm keen on going down the T7 mod route instead.
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