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right im not sure on the code as the guy who towed it home for me did it i picked it up checked it over drove it halfway home the previouse guy only had it 3 days sead it cant afford it lol i id blast it to 100 testing it and it was fine 7 miles later ish the problem happend ive drained hte trans oil abit as it was overfull the gear selector is moving perfect and changing gear on the dash and on the body thing by the battery the temprature is normal on the gauge the trans and engine oil are now normal ive tryed takeing the battery off unplugging sensors taking fuses out those dash lights are still there it starts first click ticks over allday revs perfect it just has no drive i was told clutch or torque converter if not gearbox ?? and im in wales im debating getting rid of it its already on ebay because its really screwed me over havent been to work this week so i need transport asap and im in wales by pontypool
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