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PLEASE HELP saab 95 3.0 not engaging drive

hello guys im new to the forum i just got myself a saab 95 2003 3,o litre v6 turbo auto beautifull car 100 k miles full service history ecvery reciept possible body work mint interior mint im happy well kind of im hoping some one could help i was driving it the other day and as i slowed down then put my foot down there was no drive like it was in neutral gear :S it starts first time no bangs grinds whirls etc it just free revs in every gear theres lights on the dash and it read a transmission error code but we cant figure it out i checked the tranny oil and it was way over the max so drained abit still no joy ive tryed looking around and theres tons of things it could be oil pressure toque converter gearbox gone electrical i have no idea wot to do or were to start with this im a motorbike man at heart lol soooo any ideas ???
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