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Originally Posted by CooperS7777 View Post
Just out of curiosity - maybe you know boner, but what does a Cobb Stage 2 and Stage 3 WRX put out for power?

I have a buddy up here at school which is tuned either stage 2 or stage 3, I forget and am just curious.
as I recall, Cobb lists their stage two at 285 hp (at the crank)... of course this was on the old 2.0 liter 4 with a stock 225 hp. I was running with their AccessPort, a JDM STi uppipe and turbo back (deleting 2 of the 3 cats) and I was VERY happy with the power. gas mileage, not so much.

Originally Posted by Cpenning623 View Post
front and rear, i think. Rear for sure though.

yea i wasnt expecting power, I just love the boxer sound, its by far the best grumble of everyday cars

yea, its that one.

Im paying 100 for all this stuff. so i figured whatever
well, if the shift knob is near perfect, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to pull down $75 - $100 for that... do a search in the NASIOC classifieds, and see what others were going for.

the sway bars aren't too difficult, but you really need to get under the car. the front can be accessed when you remove the plastic skid plate... after that, it's pretty self explanitory. make sure you use the least extreme setting on the rear, unless you want to bend your endlinks.
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