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Originally Posted by Cpenning623 View Post
alright, well my mom has a the outback, same chassis as WRX

One of my really good freinds has a rex that just got a tree in its roof(totalled) and he isnt really an internet kinda guy(to much time with sports and school and stuff) so he doesnt know that he could sell his aftermarket stuff on forums or on ebay. Anyway-I'm gonna buy it all for really cheap.

this is what will be installed on my moms car.

Cobb sway bar kit, my question is:what setting should i put it on? there are like three holes for the hardware to go through.

SPT axleback, my question is: will this allow too much backpressure for the 2.5 motor? or since its an axleback it wont even matter.

and lastly, STi shift knob. Cant use it, cause she has an auto. where should i sell it?
sway bar... front or rear?

SPT axleback... you should be fine with this... but don't expect any power benefits in any exhaust without fuel management software.

the STi knob... the piston one, I assume? sign up on (North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club)... I had great luck with their classified section while parting out my car. you should be able to get a decent chunck for it, considering how much they go for new.
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