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Originally Posted by amish_geek View Post
From my experience with the web hosting industry, a lot of the speed issues could have been due to the site being hosted on a VPS, rather than a full fledged server. At least, if I remember correctly, the site was on a VPS. Was the site moved off of it? Or was the VPS tweaked to improve performance?
Again, it being on a VPS has absolutely nothing to do with speed. Not on a site of this size at least. There was an IO error on the VPS which was causing the slow down.

I tweaked the VPS and VBulletin to make it tolerable speed-wise. It being a VPS is no differant than it being a cheaper dedicated server. I have root and complete control of everything other than the reverse DNS (which doesn't really matter). The server itself has 1gb of burstable RAM, Dual Dual (2x2) Core 450mhz (1.8ghz) AMD Opteron Processors and 20gb of space and 150gb/mo of bandwidth.

Now none of that is very impressive, right? That's because it doesn't need to be. Not for a site of this size or any of the other sites hosted on this server. None of which amount to much as far as users (as in none of the sites hs 200+ users on at once). The part that is impressive about the VPS is the network it's on, the quality of the bandwidth, the support and the hardware that's behind the server. All of which are top notch.

The VPS is hosted with Defender Hosting (search for reviews on them on, the best place in the world to look for a webhost). Defender's servers are located in the Equinix datacenters, they have redundant connections to major backbones like nLayer, BTN, ServerCentral, Aleron, and NAC.

Cedric, has been with me through many, many a server and this place is by far the best that you can do for the money. I have a cheaper VPS with more bandwidth and space that I use for all of my personal websites and I could easily move all of my clients from this VPS there and save some $. I prefer to have the support and reliabilty I've gotten used to with Defender for sites like this one.

You should definitely check out the following video.. because the Equinix IBX datacenters are badass.

Equinix IBX Data Center Tour: Quicktime 34.2mb
Equinix IBX Data Center Tour: Windows Media Player 48mb
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