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The Vigg
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So what values are these ECU tunners modifying then to get increase in airflow/boost, without the CEL being engaged? A combination of all values from IAT, MAF, MAP? I doubt that they are going so far as to change all the parameters you are indicating. With most ECU tunning SW you can pull the Hexidecimal values directly in to a 3d map, and simply pull the points in the rev range you want for boost, fuel and ignition maps. It's definately not rocket science, and with a wide band, and a dyno, in maybe 3 hours max you would have a 99% workable , safe map set. So the costs of these ECU's is clearly not warranted on the most part. I just have never heard of and ECU being so troublesome as this. No other car I know is this difficult to tune. I have built cars running stand alone ECU's that seem to be an easier job then this thing!
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