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It shouldnt be any hassle to install that kit. You will have to remove the headlight (3 T25 torq screws) and maybe the front bumper to get the filter behind the foglight. Front bumper removal is simple and not very time consuming. All you have after you remove both headlights and corner lights is 2 16mm bolts, 2 philips screws in the wheel well, and 2 10mm screws underneath the bumper on the sides close to the wheel well.

I say buy the kit, a little hp gain, and youll love hearing your turbo and bpv. The first drive with it on will make up for the work you put into it. but like i said in the first post, I highly recomend getting a water gaurd for the filter. If not, that filter will probably break down and you will have dirty water all through your intake pipes and intercooler and even worse into your engine. You can find the gaurds on ebay for like $10-15. They will be called filter heat shields.
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