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Saab watercraft or super IC sprayer

Little storm "ernesto" dropped some rain on us today, still is. Going to check on my boat I had to cross some "water" on the road. Got maybe 15 car lengths, water up to the bottom bolts of the wheels so exhaust soooo underwater - saight, just don't stop..... UNLESS an a$$ hole in ginourmous 4wd CT 2004 coming the other direction decides to hit it wide open and throw a wake that came up OVER my hood and up to the base of the windshield...and right through the grill into my modded intake (like plantoff site).

Good news for all.... the front end floats... bad news.... 2 seconds later the car stops. Exhaust still under water so..... no starting. Thank's to the guys boozin' on the side of the road watching who pushed me out, and donated a Budweiser and smoke. 2 hrs later it ALMOST cranked. Guess I should wait till the rain stops and the storm passes.

Anywho, didn't get any solid test results on my hydromatic IC sprayer/aqua wrap codenamed "leviathan". Will post results as available.
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