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In the turbo cars i have modded in the past with maf sensors, there has always been a way to lock the voltage on the maf so it can only make one reading.
With T7 constantly changing and adapting, this is not something you would want to do. The MAF reading is too critical a component of T7 to lock in a static MAF value tricking T7 into believing there is a certain amount of air coming in when there is really a completely different amount coming in. This sounds like a recipe for disaster to me...unless I am missing something and not understanding what you mean by "locking the voltage".

I don't believe there are any changes in the injectors (at least none are listed) unless you start getting up into serious power levels. I would think the stock FPR simply doesnt provide enough pressure to supply the amount of fuel needed to make a stoich mixture if the boost is upped a large amount.
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