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well seeing as it is my car and i know how it drove stock.. i WILL say that there is a very noticeable difference.. the stock steup is so restricting its rediculous.

with only that intake and exhaust i can keep up with my friends 97 540i which was dyno'd at 290 rear wheel hp

and i pulled on this civic hatch that weighed 2000lbs (1,150 less than me) and it had the japanese integra type r motor and other mods as well giving it around 220hp in that tiny car..

meaning i know i couldnt keep up wiht those cars stock because i for one raced my friends bimmer and it ruined me before and now i stay with him..

also ced can agree with the power gains i've gotten from it because he was in my car and was extremely suprised at how fast it was running with just those 2 mods

all in all, i am going to have to disagree. i DEFINITELY get more performance with my intake setup over the stock setup.
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