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I hope you know that if you're boosting more in a T7 it's because the air is less dense and it needs to boost higher to reach it's set mg/combust value.

I noticed a mpg increase with a shorty intake which I have since removed. After just putting a new Saab stock filter in after the modified intake had gotten dirty I saw the same increase I saw (and same mileage) I saw in the first place with the modded filter. Be suprised what just a CLEAN filter will do for mileage!

I really don't think there is much to gain from an upgraded filter on T7 when at or near stock. You can't fool the engine into taking in more air by making it cooler, or by making it denser some other way because the air mass meter will compensate and always send exactly the same air into the engine if it can. You might get more knock resillience from colder air, but a CAI won't be any colder than the stock setup which also takes cool air from outside the engine bay.

Love the sound though.

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