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ive got all the tools and everything but i live in CT.... the steering rack clamp and brace u can def do yourself hands down the brace i have never done but am working on making my own. the sway bar is easy as well here are the how to's.....

its all there everything u want to do... the only thing u would need jackstands for is the subframe brace u can get away with teh sway bar without jackstands but its really tough again i am in ct if u need help otherwise u can pm me or email

edit: o i just read REAR sway bar u can def do this without a jack, and don't be scared if u brake the bolts, use a lot of wd-40 let it sit overnight spray again and this will break them loose a bit and help remove the stock swaybar..... as they tend to get rusted on. if/when u break the bolts just replace them with ones the fit the holes. steering rack clamp and brace are extremely simple i made my own custom ones and came out awesome
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