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Originally Posted by SaabTuner
Personally I'm liking that 308/328 Ferrari across the street!!

Couple things to consider here:

1. I love bling. Who doesn't? Intakes before the turbo and intake piping on a stock Viggen may give the seat of your pants dyno a different feeling, but they don't make power.

Nothing wrong with bling though. ~bling blang bwaaaang~
I agree, more or less useless on a stock viggen.....but she won;t stay stock for long will she....tee hee....
She should be a stage 4 car shortly, in which case the extra CFM capabilty of the piping will certainly help!

2. Rear strut bar won't make much difference to handling until a Viggen Rescue Kit, suspension, and rear anti-sway bar are fitted. Even a new rear axle would have a better chance of improving hanging.
I also agree...Good thing for me I have a VRK and rear sway installed already! I am holding off on springs and struts, untill they need to be replaced. I have a new set of toyo T1-S's comming. I can attest to the fact that the handling is night and day differance at this point with the mods on the car. I wanted a rear STB to help limit the hatch flex.....well that and the bling blaaang!
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