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I hate to put in my two cents but, I believe the whole upgrading Ecu's or Power modules, is a big waste of time and money. All I know is that someone out there is getting rich off you guys. The cost of upgrades, and doing more then once becomes expensive.
A poor excuess for not doing job right first time.
I strongly recommend a stand alone EFI system. I have had good luck with SDSEFI. For around a $1000 you can have full control of tuning too your needs. Plus you can get kits that include ignition coil packs, with hall sensor pick up, letting you get rid of distributor if equipped. Also there systems don't need a Laptop to tune,they give you a hand held LCD programmer.(which also acts as theft device, by removing and takeing with you cant start car). I think the best feature for us Turbo owners is Anti-lag Programming. Ignition timing is retarded and fuel supply incresed under high manifold vacunm conditions. The fuel is forced to burn in the exhaust system which keeps turbine spooled up to some degree during closed throttle conditions. I love Flames shoting out exhaust
Although not a "bolt on" I think the cost over long term is definatly worth it.
But then again I'm against all the companies who sell obsorbently high priced parts, because of the name plate on car. Or maybe its the fact that some of the parts these supposed tuner shops sell are made out of house, but meanwhile back at the Skunk works in my basement I'm doing the work that they can not do. I have been cursed

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