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Maptun problems: (EDIT: Maptun comes through!)

Well, stage 1 maptun chip is not working properly.

The car bucks back and forth when under hard acceleration.

when I really get on the gas, the car totally starts to take off like a rocket, the boost guage flies all the way over to the end of the red, and it feels like a rocket is attached to the car...and then it does this stop-go-stop-go thing like it's either hitting a fuel cut out or maybe hitting some sort of dead spots. it will accelerate like mad and then "hiccup", it just loses all power and "bucks" and then begins to accelerate again and then "bucks" again... it keeps doing this until I let off the gas. it will do this in any/all gears, as long as i give it some gas, reagrdles of whether i hit kick down button or not, as long as it is hard acceleration... normal city driving seems fine! this feels very scary when you are trying to pass someone on the highway! I also fear for the mechanical components of the car, it does not soound or feel healthy when this happens!

I was told to check if i have platinum plugs and if so to swap them for NKG BCPR7ES, and also that maybe my DI is not good enough for uprated ECU's, something may be wrong with it. But my car only has 16000 miles and works fine and boost right up to the red and even dips into the red a tiny bit when I put the stock ECU back in, so are either of these options (new plugs, new DI) worth a shot or is it more likely to be a problem with the software?

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