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Ok someone go do a dino run, Get on the dino with no gas, run 1/2 gallon though the car to clean out the car so 93 is in the car, then put 1 gallon of 93 in the car, do your dino run... do 2 tests... burn off the gas, then, fill with 1/2 gallon of 87, burn it off, then put in 1 gallon of 87 and do dino again. Im actually very currious what, if any differnce would occur..

And just something to add, that fuel additives that claim they are octaine boosters you can buy, do they work, or are they a gimic, becuase i tired one once, and i could knotice a differnce... watch the stuff i used be a plecibo, but for real i was gunning it right after i put it in and i though i could feel a huge difference.
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