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Octane Booster / Toluene

Here's the dilemma I am in. My job currently allows me to fill up my tank at our 1500 gal. tank in our job yard. Well it is 87 octane, which is fine for my truck, but a little on the "weak" side for the Saab. So this prompted my research in to "Octane Boosters," which seem to have a detrimental effect on cats, brass, etc. I did come across a couple of references to toluene (Paint Thinner), being used as an additive to increase the octane rating of fuel, aka Rocket Fuel, or Home Brew. Believe me I was a bit skeptical as the word "Home Brew" invokes images of hippies and meth dealers, or at least a cauldron. But I have found more and more race enthusiasts and such using toluene. But I would cry if I fucked up my car in anyway....

Here's a link that gives a good outline:

Any input? I tried getting my boss to give me a chevron card, using the point that commuting in my car would "save the company money." No such luck. His response "doesn't the saab have a knock sensor?" He drives a newer porshe boxster. I doubt that gets filled up with regular unleaded...

Ok, Flame on.
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