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Listen to Drew, he's 2005 9-3 had a dead battery, tried to jump...nothing, then couldn't turn key, bought a new battery...still radio, bypassed the ignition switch to get it to turn(underneath switch), and still got nothing....finally i brought it flatbedded to a "non-dealer, but only works on saabs place...CONNTECH in warwick, ri"....they were great....i had replaced the ignition switch,($125) hoping that was the problem, prior to that...but wasn't happening...anyways...had 2 fuses, under the hood blow out...had to replace the CIM (column ignition module) they got it used, with two new keys....and $737 later...she runs like a beauty ... and now the other day, i just bought a 2008 9-5 2.3, totally loaded, nav, heated seat both front and back, never had back seats heated...had 50444 on it, got it for 11, i'm to get used to driving a "bigger" car....not sure if it handles like my 9-3...which i loved...i was going to buy another 9-3 and thats what i was looking for, but couldn't find one with under 60k, in my price range, except ones without the winter package of heated i saw this...and bought it....YEAH ...normally wouldn't change my 9-3 for the world, i only bought a new car, because i put approxiamately 100 miles a day on my 9-3, bought it with 50k, and now it's got 149,775, a few miles short of 150k....LOVE MY SAAB ....good luck is offline   Reply With Quote