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9-3 Won't Start. Electrical Problem?

Hello. This evening my 2007 9-3 Combi went dead in a friends driveway. There was no advance warning. And the car has been great for 5+ years. Turning the key causes several whirring and ticking noises and blinking lights. The car makes no attempt to turn over. Attempts to jump start it change absolutely nothing. After any attempted start the cd tray may even click repeatedly and the interior lights may flicker for a few minutes rapidly before going off or returning to full intensity. It's like suddenly a dozen electrical gremlins have taken over my car.

Turning the key just to the accessories position gives an OK system check except for a failed stability (anti-skid etc) system. Hmmm.

Leading up to this I did have a "right side marker failure" indication periodically every few days for a month. I could not find a single light that was out. I also lost a front right low beam a few weeks ago and replaced it but I think this was unrelated. And one time, only once, about two weeks ago my car shut off a few seconds after it started. I blamed it on a gas/fuel issue as it seemed more of a stall at the time. Perhaps that's unrelated too.

I have read that perhaps a dead battery can cause these issues but it doesn't make sense to me that I can't start the car with a good jump. If this is a dead battery it's not like any I've encountered before. Before I go out and ask for the thing to be towed I'm wondering if it's worth the gamble of a new battery. Anyone got any thoughts?
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