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Next steps

I have confirmed my engine is not trash, but I am also not quite making the factory spec either.

Here is where I go from here:
1) I really want to get a good permanent gauge installed.
2) I'd like to replace the pump cover
3) might try the new gears again, but as it sits now I have the old gears in
4) would love an oil temp gauge. I have no idea what the oil temp is. It is hard to go by the factory spec without all the variables. I am only assuming now that the oil temp is correct. It may be too hot because my cooler is plugged, even with a low temp thermostat.
5) replace with Rotella T6 oil. This is my go to oil, I want to see what it generates with that oil.

If I had 30 psi @ 2000 RPM I think I will be happy. I will update as I find out more, but for now, the Aero is back on the road!
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