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Shop Gauge Install and Results

So last night I put the glowshift banjo adapter in place of the stock banjo and installed the gauge.

Here is the banjo installed without the gauge. Remember this is 18 ft-lbs max torque. Don't want this breaking under expansion and contraction.


I had the downpipe off, but there is plenty of room to do this from below after you remove the oil filter.

Here is the gauge line, remember this is a temporary setup for a shop gauge. I don't know how long this rubber hose would hold up over time.

Results: In a word awesome. Confirmed the motor is not bad.

I get about 16-18 psi at idle once fully warm

38 psi at 2000 RPM after a 50 min highway drive. I am just above factory spec (which is 36) but I am way ahead of the 10 psi per 1000 RPM general guide.

I should note that this is with 15-50 oil, it is all I had on the shelf and I bought it really cheap last year. It is fully syn Mobil oil though.

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