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Now What?!?

So I have strong evidence that the gauge is wrong, and perhaps the motor is OK! Yay. But I still want to verify. What I really want is a good oil pressure reading. For my car, I purchased a new factory sender, and will install it in the OEM location. Knowing that this specific unit I tested switches at 6 psi is a good bit of info to have. I think I will bury that back there and forget about it. I also purchased the aforementioned glowshift banjo adapter. I plan to put that on the oil filter housing, on the same line that feeds the Turbo. I think this is a really good location to put a temperature sending unit as well as this is right after the oil is filtered, and cooled if the thermostat is open. If your readings are from a sandwich unit, you will get readings before the oil is filtered or cooled. I think that would be worst case for the temperature but doesn't really reflect what the engine is being fed.
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