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Oil Pressure Readings

It seems like people put their oil pressure gauges in one of three spots. The factory sending location, an oil filter sandwich, and on the banjo feeding the turbo. Let me talk about those. I think the place with the LEAST pressure is where the factory placed the sender. This location is almost last in line to get any oil. The sandwich adapter probably has the most oil pressure. This is right after the pump, and even before it passes through the filter which is a restriction. The banjo bolt to the turbo is the location Saab shows to check the oil in the WIS. You can buy a banjo bolt from glowshift that is M14 x 1.5 mm with an 1/8 NPT threaded in to the back. This is where I plan to install my next oil gauge. I'm not a fan of the sandwich adapter since the filter is not included in the reading. If by chance you got a bad filter, you might not be able to see the difference! Of course, it is also possible that the filter is so restrictive that the reading was really high! Anyhow if you pay attention and buy good brands you should be OK. I think if you were to measure the difference between the factory sender and the banjo location you would see a difference. How much? I don't know.
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