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Time to drop the pan!

So I decide to see if I have a sludge issue. I have some doubt, I did not mess with the PVC system on this motor. Again, if it ain't broke..... I reasoned at the time that it had 250k miles on it! Aero's somewhat avoided sludge since factory spec was full syn oil, and in general the owners were more enthusiasts and meticouous about oil changes. This certainly seemed to be the case with mine!

Off comes the oil pan and no significant accumulation is found:

There was some gunk in there but it was not enough to cause zero oil pressure. I clean and re-assemble everything. I kicked myself because I did not remove any bearing caps. I had planned to, but I had to stop work for a couple days, and when I came back forgot and went straight to re-assembly. I kinda regret that but I figured 25K miles! And I checked EVERY bearing on assembly. Here are a couple of notes I took when I assembled the motor:

Very light scuffing on the cylinder walls. This was the worst. Crosshatch still clear:

This was the worst bearing clearance:

This is a rod bearing, factory spec is .020 to .068
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