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So here is what I did:

First thing I did was to change the oil thermostat. I thought that perhaps I was cooking the oil as it warmed up. I didn't have a good way to measure this, but I am a parts hoarder!

I was reading this article by Chuck Andrews, and he showed a picture of several different oil thermostats. I just happen to have a thermostat from a B234 from when I did that swap on my first 9-5! So I swap the 225 degree B235 thermostat for the 167 degree B234 thermostat.

No change!

So I take out the pressure relief valve. Hoping it would be stuck in there I remove the bottom nut and everything nicely drops right out, just as clean as the day I put it in there 25k miles ago. But I don't stop at inspection, I go ahead and shim it two hardware store washers.

No change!
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