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Tboy's EPIC 9-5 Oil Pressure Thread

A little background and I will try to keep this short for those of you with limited attention span!

Bought a 2000 9-5 Aero 5MT in March of 2014 with 252,145 miles! It was a wonderful example but had two major issues. One was it would not go into reverse (bent shift fork I believe) and the other is there was a hole in the timing cover from a water pump pulley when it failed (so it leaked oil there pretty good). If you've worked on these much, you know if you need to take the trans out AND the front cover, you might as well pull them both! So I did that and decided to rebuild the engine. The rebuild went well, crank polished, bores honed, head refreshed and all new wear parts including balance shaft bushings. I did NOT replace the oil pump since the wear on the engine seemed so small (mistake? maybe maybe not!). Instead I asked a friend to tig up the hole and he did so wonderfully, and you would not even know there was one.

Motor goes back together and I throw on there an iequus oil gauge. It has an output to run a dummy light as well as the gauge. I did not hook up the gauge but did hook up the dummy light.

Fast forward 24,548 miles or so. Never had any issues and the car ran great. Then all of a sudden I get the dreaded oil light flicker!!! I change the oil and filter (due anyway) and the problem persists. So I park the car and decide I better get that gauge installed. Once installed I start it up and let it idle, Oil pressure starts out great, (60-70 psi) and gradually tapers down to 0!! No crap, ZERO. I'm starting to think that I might have made a huge mistake by not replacing that oil pump and cover.
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