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Hey All,
Thanks for the continued responses and info.

SRP, yeah, I saw the estimate. I talked to the shop the insurance company used for the estimate, they said they priced out a new front end (without the accessories like radiator, a/c, etc) and, with paint and labor, it was about $6800 so they actually quit the estimate at that and called it totaled. That said, this included about 30 hours labor, so that tells me something. Knowing my donor will offer most parts, and it is black so paint will be limited to blending on the doors, labor will be the majority of the cost here. The dash airbags fired but not the seat ones, and I can grab the dash from my donor.
Trionic - your "junk Viggen" option is intriguing, but not sure I've seen a blown Viggen recently. Any lead on one for me?
My Saab tech did have a chance to look over the carnage a bit closer the other day and thinks the frame rails on the sides (forgot what he called them) can actually be pulled straight, vs needing an entire clip. Seems the Vue went up and on instead of directly into me, so he is optimistic that it will end up just needing a new radiator core support and then all the accessories. All this of course assumes drive-train survived, which he says it looks promising.
Hope to get it in the shop for dismantling at the end of the month. Gotta get my barn-find LB Vert finished first! Yes, being a Saaber is awesome!
I'll post again as soon as dismantling provides some details.
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