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Did the insurance company by chance provide you with the estimates for the repairs after the adjuster saw the car? If not, maybe you can ask for them?

I had some front end damage fixed on my 9-5 2 years ago. They replaced the hood, front bumper, one headlight and some other various bits and pieces. The total was over $5k. It was at a Saab "dealers" body shop. Apples to orange comparison obviously, but may be helpful to put things into perspective.

You could bring it to a body shop and ask them to give you an estimate, most shops will do it for a nominal charge.

If you had to pay a shop to do it all, I would guess that the end result would be somewhere north of $6k. You save some cash for not needing to paint, though if they have to blend panels that won't help much. There is the additional labor of removing the parts from the donor car, not to mention the hassle of having one at their shop. They may even charge you storage fees for it.

I just hope the drivetrain was in great shape before the accident and wasn't damaged during the accident.

Did the seat airbags fire?
How much Viggen will actually be left once you're done?

If it were me, I would probably do it if I had the time to do it myself because I think it would be a cool experience. If I didn't have the time to do it, I'd pay someone to swap all the good bits onto the "donor".
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