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Thanks Johnny - I hadn't even thought about the side-markers. Should be able to pop those off the Viggen fenders and onto the new ones when I install them.

Hey TBoy, thanks for attempting to cram some reason into my head, unfortunately it is too full already with ridiculous amounts of sentimental value and ill-based "logic". The good news is, the donor was under $1000, and I already have that made up in parts I'm selling off of it I wouldn't need for the Viggen. Also, scrap in WI is stupid low right now, so insurance sold me back the Vig' for $143 with a clean title. So at the moment, I'm close to break-even on parts and my out of pocket will only be labor (for the most part) Did your buddy with the 9-5 get an estimate from the shop on the hours needed to do the swap?
You are absolutely right about it not being noted a "Viggen" anywhere on the title, but it is digit 5 in the VIN IIRC. Anyway, this car and I have about 200k of memories, and the engine, trans, and clutch were all re-built within 100k so those improvements are done. And the worst part, my wife has (somehow, against her best judgement) already given her blessing to my project, so now I'm mentally 110% into this. Insurance paid out replacement price on the car, so I figure as long as I don't go over that in rebuilding costs, I'm good.

I know, feel free to laugh about how crazy this is, I've got the Viggen sickness and this is known side-effect.
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