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Yes that is a mess. Personally I would put all the Viggen stuff on the donor car. As Johnny said there will need to be some cutting and welding to get the viggen back to a state to hang the body parts on. Personally I would DIY that and use the viggen as the donor car. I think when you start adding in the cost to have a body shop do all that work, the price you paid to buy back the car, the price of the donor. and then the viggen specific parts that are ruined, you are right close to buying a used viggen that is not wrecked.

Swapping the parts will give you the opportunity to go through the entire car, and make improvements. In the end, you will end up with a car just as good as your viggen was, but not technically a viggen.

My buddy did a similar thing, he wanted to save a 9-5 aero. When he looked at the title and saw even the Aero is just a 9-5 (no mention of Aero anywhere) he gave in and did what was less expensive. In the end he still has a great car.

I'm not sure that a viggen is denoted in the VIN either? Probably the only clue to know it was a viggen (through the VIN) is the engine size.


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