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Thanks for the vote of confidence TurboJohnny! Yeah, I know transplanting the Viggen powertrain into the donor is the "logical" thing to do, but glad you understand that "logic" isn't really playing into this for me much lol.

Any idea how many hours something like this might take? Any one on here ever tackle something like this before? I've helped on projects doing this with an older Suburban, and know folks who have done it to 60's Impalas and the like, but I feel like this will probably be a whole different ballgame.

Totally agree on the Viggen bumper. I have a couple that are cracked up but could be saved. The plan would be use the donor bumper until I can get one patched up and painted. Any other Viggen-specific pieces I should be looking out for? I know I will need to get a crossflow intercooler, and my engine and transmission should still be good from the accident. Everything else (A/C, rad, PS pump, etc) should be the same as in the 9-3 donor, right?
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