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I think the issues you have found are common issues in a Saab that has the trionic 7 Ecu. You can read all about those cars and their sludge problems. It affects all T7 cars including the 9-5. Mostly you want to make sure a car has good service history including frequent oil changes with full sun oil. You can have the oil pan dropped and checked for sludge for good measure, and also have the crankcase ventilation have the latest design revision (7).

Aside from that the tops are quite complex and impressive when they fold into the trunk. They also look super awesome when down (finished) because of the clamshell of the trunk. Make sure you operate the top fully auto without helping it. That is no garuntee of it being issue free but is a good start.

You can avoid the trionic 7 issues by getting a trionic 5 car, but the top is the same.
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