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I'm so happy I don't care about this forum so I can resurrect this post from the dead.

The 9000 is the last real Saab like the 993 is the last real Porsche. Yeah, it's still a Porsche after the 996 introduction, but it's really not. Saab called all the shots on the 9000 after they had a basic monocoque. It was a world-beater when it was introduced, C&D Top 10, endurance records, fastest sedan, one of the first 16v turbo cars on the market, Trionic introduction, B234 built like a nuclear bunker, etc. Can you say any of that stuff about the 9-5? Nope. The 9000 is the last great car from a company that built great cars.

You can be as sick of the truth as you want to be, but it's still the truth.
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