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Originally Posted by Automotivalyilliterate View Post
My 2007 9-3 2.0T Check engine light is on no other power car won't start nothing happens when key is inserted. All I can see is the check engine light. Issue started 3 days ago while I was detailing interior, battery died. Was able to put on charge car started no problems. Since then the when I go start the car the ignition will not turn, there is no familiar clicking when key inserted. After some playing would finally unlock car would start. However when go to turn off,key would stop at on position and acc power stays on, after some play key would turn off and come out. Twice seen message on SID remove key slightly turn wheel retry. Last night ignition would not turn now SID displays key not recognized contact dealer. Was told to replace key fob batt. And car batt. Replaced both, however when installed new car batt. Heard a strange buzzing or beeping for several seconds, now I have absolutely no power to anything. Key no longer works to even unlock doors. Only thing displayed is solid check engine light.

Not even close to being a mechanic so if anyone has any ideas as to what may be the cause I would greatly appreciate the help so when I get to dealer I can bring my own lube. Lol
It is better to call a professional and leave all troubles behind. But don't get scammed, nowadays you can find a lot of them on internet so ask for license and the price. When the price is too low, it can't be right.
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