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No, I have pried at the strut mount and bounced it all around. When I turn the wheel however, the strut mount visibly distorts, but there is no "slack" per-se being taken up. The only thing I can surmise is that there appears to be play in the rack, although it is only a slight amount. These cars have the loosest front ends I think I've ever seen. There is so much rubber and flex, goddamn everywhere...The rack collar,where the tie-rods connect, moves up and down a little, the rack flexes the firewall , the bushings (which are all hard flavors of Nick's poly bushings) flex, the strut mount flexes. But as far as I can tell, nothing is loose. The other bizarre possibility,is that I noticed when I pushed HARD on the sidewall @12 o'clock on the tire, when the car is on the ground it wobbles on the soft sidewalls laterally. It is possible that the steering knuckle is hitting the 215 wide snow tires on the sidewall, giving the feeling of play being taken up. Otherwise, everything is tight. Very unnerving, as it seriously undermines my confidence in the machine...
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