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Catalyst cycle "INC"

2001 Saab 9-3. Bought it with a bad turbo, replaced the turbo, removed and cleaned the pan, pickup and oil lines. Flushed everything really good and filled it with Valvoline syn 5w20. Have driven it and had a CEL for small evap leak. I replaced several vacuum hoses that looked a little weather cracked but didn't fix CEL. When I topped it off with fuel, gas ran out from on top of the tank, with lots of frustration I found that the fuel pump o-ring was bad and replaced that. It has now been 100 miles after resetting the CEL and it hasn't come back on now but I can't get the Catalyst to show as ready. It Utah for 2001 I can have one emission system not ready, but it can't be the Catalyst. Can anyone here help? I have run the drive cycle here at least 6-7 times and been very careful to be exact. What am I missing?
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