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Originally Posted by Daven View Post
Probably better to leave the 92's brake lines in place and fabricate an adapter to the newer non-TCS brake pump. On TCS 9000s, the pump has 4 outlets, because each brake is individually controlled from the pump. On non-TCS 9000s, the pump has only 3 outlets, because the rear brakes share a line from the pump and split somewhere further back.

I dont have any specs I'm afraid. Jordan Pagano at eEuro fabricated an adapter and the non-TCS brake system works flawlessly. Not sure what else will have to be swapped to make this work...might have to use a 1993 ABS ECU to be compatible with the rest of your 1992 engine management system...someone else should confirm this though. I mention this because, when installing a TCS defeat switch on a 1992 9000 you need an ABS ecu from either a 1993 9000 CSE Turbo or a 1993 9000 Aero.

Of course if you're performing a T5 swap/TCS delete at the same time, you probably wont have to worry about compatibility. Again, there are far more knowledgeable people on this subject; maybe they will chime in here.
I like this idea.

This is a 92, and it definitely had TCS. But I only have one brake line running to the back that splits. if it had 4, that'd be ideal, because that's how the Mark II booster is set up.

ABS was non - functional on the donor car, so that's a whole other issue Ill have to address. I'm pretty certain that the brake wiring and computer is all separate from the main ECU and harness. so, ill keep the 94 Aero ABS and figure out what was causing the malfunction.

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