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Probably better to leave the 92's brake lines in place and fabricate an adapter to the newer non-TCS brake pump. On TCS 9000s, the pump has 4 outlets, because each brake is individually controlled from the pump. On non-TCS 9000s, the pump has only 3 outlets, because the rear brakes share a line from the pump and split somewhere further back.

I dont have any specs I'm afraid. Jordan Pagano at eEuro fabricated an adapter and the non-TCS brake system works flawlessly. Not sure what else will have to be swapped to make this work...might have to use a 1993 ABS ECU to be compatible with the rest of your 1992 engine management system...someone else should confirm this though. I mention this because, when installing a TCS defeat switch on a 1992 9000 you need an ABS ecu from either a 1993 9000 CSE Turbo or a 1993 9000 Aero.

Of course if you're performing a T5 swap/TCS delete at the same time, you probably wont have to worry about compatibility. Again, there are far more knowledgeable people on this subject; maybe they will chime in here.
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