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Originally Posted by jssaab View Post
Actually Sports car tire WAS a part of Sports Car Service but they parted ways about 10 years ago ( when his @hole partner screwed him over) and then TIRES bought Bill's wheel business (Viking Wheel).
Ah! Good to know, (I'm going to edit my post above) I named Sports Car Service and he didn't correct must have been Viking then. I will never ever ever ever go back to Sports Car Tire. The guy looked me right in the eye and totally lied, repeatedly. I wish I knew his name--it was totally outrageous but I did have the impression that he may have been the owner or partner or something. When he called the other guy over and told him to tell me there were stress cracks all over the place their interaction was like the other guy was his employee.

He just went on and on, and I tried to help him and told him I'm not totally ignorant of metallurgy and gave him an out, that maybe he could inspect them and at least clean the brake dust of the "stress cracks" to take another look, but he leaned into the car and pointed to about 5 other "stress cracks" that he saw... he just kept doubling down about how bad the rims were and that I needed to buy new barrels for them, that he conveniently had too many of at another company and that he'd give me a deal.. Finally I stopped him and just told him I was going to go get in my car and head out, he seemed surprised lol.

Stay away from Tires, Custom Wheels, Wheel Refinishing, Bent Wheels, Flat Repair, Nitrogen, Balance & Rotation at Sports Car Tire Inc. Wilmington, DE (302) 571-8473 they lie
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